As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

You have a strong belief in God, yet find you do not feel comfortable in most churches. What if we told you that YOU were not the problem? The Bible instructs the men to be priests, providers and protectors of their families and communities, yet the modern church seems to go out of its way to emasculate men.

God has called us all for a purpose. He put this calling into the men in our culture. The congregation at Destiny believes that it is better to use the Holy Spirit to smooth off some of the rough edges from strong, bold and courageous men rather than to try to instill passion and a sense of purpose into those who are given over to passiveness.

Scripture instructs us to not forsake the gathering together of the saints. We are put here to be a blessing to each other. There is absolutely nothing that can stand before a group of patriots who know and are known by their God. Perhaps you were called to a time such as this. Come find out.

Understanding the Times

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

On selected Sunday nights at the church, you will find programs designed to inform and educate you with a Biblical Worldview as well as Constitutional truths. Standing in the gap for Biblical values and our God-given liberties, join us as we encourage fellow Christian patriots that God is on the throne and Jesus is the only answer. 

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